Apartment Fire

2 weeks ago we had an apartment fire. Tragically, it burned to the ground and 10 people lost their homes and all of their possessions. The cause is under investigation. It was 7 degrees when we were toned out and by early evening it was 2 degrees. Gaskets leak at that temperature, so a lot of guys got wet. Firemen coming out of the house with full gear on were wringing wet with sweat. Fortunately the neighbors on both sides of the street were very kind and sheltered the residents, and the neighbors next door made gallons of coffee, and fixed food, etc. It was a long day, and crews worked throughout the night.

Top: The fire  just before engines arrived a little past 12 noon.

Middle: A couple of guys geared up and ready to go in. At this point we thought we could save the house. Unfortunately the fire was already behind the wall.

Bottom: Leaky gaskets adding to the treachery of our icy streets. Almost everything in Colfax is on a hill, so the slope added to danger of falling down.

© Bill Carroll 2017