Frost and Sunlight

This may be a bit pedestrian for some, but I like it. We were blessed with fog last night and low temperatures. This morning the sun broke through without triggering any breeze. I’ve shot this place before and always avoided this sign, but today the irony of the whole thing caught me. In Montana a gravel road was a gravel road. Everyone knew they were on a gravel road and no signs were needed. In Washington I spoof signs that read: “Primitive Road, No Warning Signs”.

This is not a crossing sign because the other side of the road is only a field with no turn-out. Maybe it advises that if you get stuck, get out and walk. Maybe we need 2 signs. One, get out and push, the other get out and walk. Don’t know, maybe I’ll ask the farmer if it’s directed at him. I do know that tree is a Geo-Cache. Maybe it tells contestants to walk to the box instead of trying to drive into the base of the tree. I’ll have to think about it.

© Bill Carroll 2017