Lost in Montana

Of all the places to get lost, Montana is best place of all. For decades, when it takes me several hours extra, or even a day or so to get somewhere, I always claim to have “gotten lost”. This journey was no different. Then true to form, I tout “sheer luck” when I manage to return by dinner time.

The top two pictures are of a cow camp at the head of Taylor Creek, which empties into Grasshopper Creek in the vicinity of Bannack, Montana. Its altitude is 7,171 feet. Baldy Mountain is about 10,000-feet high.

The third photo shows a squall moving over the Blacktail. I don’t remember the name of the homestead in the foreground.

The last picture uses Tobacco Root Mountains for its background, towards Twin Bridges.

Getting lost in Montana can be a lot of fun!

© Bill Carroll 2017