Palouse Falls, Central Washington

Today I went to Palouse Falls, south of Washtucna, WA on a whim with 2 friends. It was a pretty nice day, compared to what we have been having! The river was probably higher a week or so ago, but it’s still pretty impressive. A lot of places upstream from us are still experiencing flooding problems. We were lucky enough to have a few patches of blue sky.

In 2010 Tyler Bradt set a world record going over the falls in a kayak at 186 ft. high. He was lucky. If I remember right, he only broke a finger, but seemed sincere when he stated that he would never do it again. His mother probably took his keys away and put him in permanent “Time Out”.

Watch it at:

He mispronounces “Palouse” in the video. Palouse rhymes with caboose.

A lot of people have been killed or injured jumping into the river and going over the falls over the years. It must be quite a ride. I’ve never heard if any of the survivors have ever tried it again. I suspect alcohol and drugs may be a factor!

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The Palouse River Canyon and the Palouse Falls and even the Columbia River Gorge were thought to have been created by the Lake Missoula floods caused when a huge ice dam burst several times. At least 3 times the dam was around 2000 ft tall when it burst, changing the landscape forever, all the way to Portland, OR.

Here are 2 of several articles describing the events, but there are many more if you search.

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