Palouse River Canyon

This place is about .8 miles north of where the CaseIH combine was working. This field was harvested, but there were branches hanging down, protecting the wheat in the foreground. It’s pretty hazy here no due to harvest dust. Last night we dodged a huge lightening and rain storm to our north, south and east so we were able to harvest today. The little dots in the field across the river is another outfit harvesting with 2 combines and 2 bank-out wagons.

If Steve and Rosita had accompanied me, we could have walked down the hill to see if we could find a rattlesnake. Oddly, they seem to be kind of smitten with the little creatures, I guess because their amused by their antics; coiling, rattling, and sticking out their little tongues. It was about 95 degrees when I was parked here, so we may have gotten lucky.

© Bill Carroll 2017