Sunrise, Morning after Christmas

Sunrise. -9 degrees F. Christmas Full Moon.

The mountain at the right is Baldy. It provided a “back fence” for our summer range. The beaverslide stacker in the foreground belongs to the Tash Ranch to whom I owe a huge debt, because they provided my first paying job, in spite of a rather limited resume at 9 years old. I started trailing cattle for them taking the herd from this place to the upper ranch, to the left of Baldy. The trip took 3 days. The first year I accidently roped a cow by one hind leg, instead of the calf walking beside her. We tried to rope the calves by the hind feet because they were easier to handle if they couldn’t run and buck. After she drug my rope a long way, Bill Tash helped me get it off. Some of the calves would get tired, so we would rope them and put them in the back of a truck and drive them to the next place where they would be reunited with their mothers when the herd got in. Earl Tash wrote checks to the cowboys at the upper place, and he would always pay me an extra $5 if I got bucked off. Easy money for me, as I almost always got bucked off and got paid an extra day’s wages for a minor mishap. I would love to do it all again!

© Bill Carroll 2017