Valier, Montana

Valier is populated by a few more than 500 souls, too small for even a blinking traffic light, but just right for nice people to reside. It lies about 30 miles from a better known town to its north, Cut Bank.

Lake Frances, built as part of an irrigation project, creates the border to the south and provides great watersport recreation, along with fishing. There are also 50 campsites available at the lake. The Fireman’s Pavilion is available for weddings, reunions and parties.

The bottom 3 pictures were taken at Lake Francis.

It boasts great views of the Rocky Mountains. Look to the southwest and you see the Bob Marshal Wilderness. Look northwest and you see Glacier Park.

Air masses coming over the mountains mix with cold air from Canada making for incredible cloud viewing. It also causes a lot of wind. Newcomers to the area are often seen chasing their hats. Natives simply wait for one to come along that is to their liking and in their size.

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