Wild Goose Island

If you’ve never been to Glacier Park this time of year, I would put it on my Bucket List. The trees are turning and the park is absolutely beautiful. As it turned out it was the last day you could drive through the park because they were closing the east entrance for construction and repairs before winter hits. You can still go through the west entrance, but have to turn around at the Summit. A couple of days before, the place was enveloped in smoke, but the wind blew most of it out. It was still hazy when we got there, but the lake was very smooth. The mountains in the background are not as sharp as I would have liked, but there is always next time. Often when we were there over the years, the lake was white caps.

The biggest problem on Sunday was waiting for the crowds to go away. This was a very popular place, as this is the most photographed feature in the park. A lot of our favorite places were closed due to construction. Some people were parking in those places anyway and getting tickets. There were a lot of angry park goers!

I’ve included a horizontal crop of the same picture if you want it as wallpaper.

© Bill Carroll 2017