Archie Bray Foundation

A must see if you are visiting Helena, Montana. It used to be a brickyard and sits on a large property. Much of the old plant is still standing, though most is not accessible. However one or two of the giant kilns are available for inspection.

When it ceased operation, it was transformed into an art center specializing in ceramics. That occurred about 1951.

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The grounds are extensive and almost impossible to describe. There are many, I’ll call them sculptures, scattered about the grounds. Some are a single piece such as the angel below, but most are more difficult to describe. A lot are created from pieces of epic kiln failures. It is a great place to explore, and certainly there is something there for everybody. As you are walking about, look for tops placed on or in random places.

The studio brings in talented students, some for a year, and others for 2 years, to create whatever they think of. Some of their art is extremely high end. You can purchase items easily north of $5,000 if you wish, and can even have custom pieces created. There is also a lot available for more budget-minded collectors.

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