The engineering and construction of the narrow-gauge  railroad from Durango, Colorado to Silverton was a massive effort, through beautiful scenery, with the Animas River below.

The altitude of Durango is 6,512-ft. and the railroad climbs to 9,318-ft. high at Silverton, in a distance of  45.2 miles.

It was constructed to supply the Silverton mines, and take silver and gold ore out. After only 11 months of construction, the line was completed in 1882.

Fortunately, we rode an open car. I don’t think you can see much from the enclosed passenger cars, but they are weather-proof, with no soot to deal with. A movie company leased the train and painted the cars yellow and by contract were to return the train back to the original color. The company liked this paint scheme so well, they adopted it. It was a good choice!

Silverton is a very picturesque town, offering dining, shopping, accommodations and beautiful scenery.

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