Steep Ground

Palouse Harvest

Late afternoon, about 6 PM

Leading: John Deere S680 combine equipped with Hillco Hillside Conversion and MacDon FD75 FlexDraper header cutting soft white winter wheat south of Colfax, Washington.

Following: John Deere S780 combine, similarly equipped.

Picture 4: Combines offload into grain carts, pulled by large tractors.

Picture 5: The grain carts transport the grain off the hill to an area more easily accessed by semi trucks. The semis then haul the grain to ports on the Snake river, just a few miles south.

Next, the grain is loaded into barges for its trip to the Columbia River, and to ports at Portland, Oregon. From there, its loaded on ocean-going ships, and taken around the world, but primarily to the Pacific Rim nations.

The view from here is absolutely spectacular!

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